Mofos B Sides Dirty Dogging

If you’re not hip to the lingo, dogging is a term for people having sex in the woods or in a park in semi-public while people watch them and usually masturbate or whatever…it’s a sort of cross between exhibitionism and voyeurism and when Ariana Marie heard about it, man there was no stopping her she just had to try it out for herself! She loved the idea of fucking two strangers while other random people watched so she headed to the park, rustled up a couple of hot guys (she didn’t have much problem convincing a couple of guys to get her naked and fuck her, I tell you what) and got down to business. This scene was captured on film and camera by Mofos for their new site B Sides, and we see Ariana on her knees sucking two cocks at once and in the car with her ass out the window to get fucked from behind while licking the other guy inside. I guess it was in case the cops showed up and they had to make a quick getaway or something, but luckily that didn’t happen!